Tank Cleaning Innovation


Heavy hydrocarbon tanks, including asphalt and #6 fuel oil tanks, are amongst the most challenging to clean. Their heavy, solidified deposits are nearly impenetrable at times, requiring a large amount of cutter stock and a manned crew with jackhammers and scrapers to manually break up the contents. This is a costly and time intensive procedure that is also high risk from having people in confined spaces.

Innovative Chemistry

Proprietary chemistry K17 is a tank-cleaning game changer that treats heavy, solidified hydrocarbon and polymeric deposits by turning them into liquefied, pumpable material that is easier to remove before a final cleaning. This process is all done inside of the tank, minimizing manned entry and the inherent risk associated with it.

Less Waste

Specialty nozzles mix heavy hydrocarbons with K17 chemistry to fluidize hardened material for quick removal. This process requires minimal cutter stock for complete disintegration, providing a cost-effective solution that decreases overall waste.

K17 is biodegradable and less hazardous than common cleaning solvents, allowing more removed product to be repurposed throughout the plant or sold. Combined with lower disposal costs and a reduced timeline, this unique blend is the most cost-effective solution for heavy hydrocarbon tanks in the industry today.


  • Performance Graded Asphalts
  • Cements/Polymerized Asphalts
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Styrene Polymer Blend
  • Paraffinic Additive
  • Ground Tire Rubber



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  • Minimizes manned entry - Treatment occurs inside tank
  • Less hazardous - Compared to traditional cleaning chemicals
  • Increases recovered product - Reduces overall waste
  • Faster cleaning - Hardened material is removed at a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods, while aiding in final cleaning

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