Tank Cleaning Innovation

Material Processing with Centrifuges

Whether it's for a single processing job or a long-term, fixed-site contract, our crew utilizes state-of-the-art centrifuge technology to process and minimize material from various waste streams.

2-Phase Centrifuges

2-phase centrifuge technology allows oil and aqueous material to be broken down into solid and liquid layers. The reduced sediment layer may be removed for disposal, while the clarified water layer may be treated or repurposed.

3-Phase Centrifuges

In 3-phase centrifuges, waste is broken down into water, oil and solids. The water layer is suitable for the wastewater plant and the clarified oil is repurposed as a recoverable hydrocarbon. The solids are sent for disposal or additional processing at a cost savings to the client.

Belt and Filter Press

Depending on the project, we also operate belt and filter presses to process material.


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A TriStar Global Energy Solutions Company

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