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Processing Solutions

  • Fixed-site Pads
  • 2-phase Centrifuge
  • 3-phase Centrifuge
  • Belt and Filter Press
  • Mobile Paddle Dryer
  • Coker Slurry Prep



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Material Processing

Tristar PetroServ® offers cost-saving solutions in material processing through specialty equipment that reduces waste and prepares it for recycling. Our large and diverse equipment fleet includes 2 and 3-phase centrifuges, belt and filter presses and a mobile solids dryer. We have the experience and capability to quickly service projects from small volume reduction jobs, to on-site management of streams in multi-year contracts. Using innovative technology and proven techniques, PetroServ can design a system to handle virtually any volume.

Our dedicated team of industry experts can devise the most cost-effective processing package as a stand-alone service or bundled with tank cleaning.




Paddle Dryer

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