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Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide

Treating Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide (FeS) traditionally includes potassium permanganate, which is hazardous and increases safety risks during application. Typical treatment methods require batch treatments in frac tanks for thorough mixing and to reduce the potential for fire or explosion. This costly process significantly lengthens the cleaning timeline and includes many safety risks.

Tristar PetroServ® has exclusive rights to tank cleaning chemistry that eliminates the pyrophoric threat in tanks much faster and safer than potassium permanganate. Developed by industry leader ZymeFlow Decon® Technology, these proprietary chemistries are nonexothermic, so they can be safely applied directly into the tank without the need for batch treatments.

Depending on sample analysis, volumes and utilities available, PetroServ devises customized treatment plans to eliminate pyrophoric threats in any type of tank.


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Super Tank Zyme® Z21

Super Tank Zyme irreversibly treats sulfides and pyrophorics while eliminating the exothermic risk. Due to its HMIS 1,0,0 rating, it is considerably less hazardous than potassium permanganate.

It is ideal for high concentrations of H2S and FeS and has surfactant properties that aid in final cleaning, reducing the mechanical timeline.


K19 is a specialty chemistry used for high capacity oxidation of H2S and FeS. It is typically used for treatment of sour water and sour crude tanks with a pyrophoric threat.

K19 has a flexible application that can be customized depending on resource and utility restraints, sludge levels, and schedule needs.

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