Tank Cleaning Innovation


Traditional cleaning methods for heavy oil, sludge or slop, and paraffin tanks are often excessive in manual manpower and cutter stock to achieve a thorough clean. The process typically requires manned-entry for long periods of time, drives up costs, and needs additional material processing before disposal.

Tristar PetroServ® holds exclusive rights to FastEntryTM K15, a patented chemistry that reduces cleaning time and cost while increasing safety. This proprietary blend is applied with specialty nozzles to thoroughly mix K15 with tank contents, achieving maximum contact. A 3-phase separation is created in the tank consisting of a hydrocarbon, clarified water and inorganic solids layer.

Paraffin Modifier

K15 is formulated to modify paraffin crystals, successfully breaking down waxy material and preventing it from hardening again - unlike with other service providers, paraffins treated with K15 will not harden once cooled during transportation.

This simultaneous treatment is completely done inside of a closed tank, and the resulting 3-phase separation reduces the amount of work a crew needs to do during final cleaning.

Manned entry is minimized and recovered product is maximized, making the FastEntry process the safest, most efficient method of achieving a superior clean in paraffinic, heavy oil and sludge tanks.

  • Hydrocarbon layer is free of water, allowing the plant to recover the crude for reuse or resell
  • Water layer can be sent to a wastewater treatment plant without further processing
  • Remaining inorganic solids are water wet, allowing the final cleaning to be performed with water instead of cutterstock



  • Heavy Oil Tanks
  • Sludge or Slop Tanks
  • Specialized for Paraffin Treatment



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Fast Entry


  • Liquifies paraffins and prevents them from hardening
  • Reduces manned entry - treatment occurs inside the tank
  • Higher recovered oil quality - will meet BS&W specs
  • Faster cleaning - 3-phase separation divides oil, water and solids for easier, faster removal

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