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K19 for Sour Tanks
Hydrogen Sulfide Neutralization

K19 Technology

Using new Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology chemistry, there is now a safe and effective way to remove hydrogen sulfide from sour crude and water tanks. New K19, is non hazardous, non exothermic, and water soluable.

When using K19, the chemistry can be injected direclty into the tank, eliminating the need for batch treatments or mix tanks. The hydrogen sulfide is converted to non hazardous sulfur and thiosulfate. These reaction products become part of the centrifuge cake and creates only minimal effluent. Furthermore, the hydrogen sulfide will not regenerate post treatment. At the same time, K19 treats pyrophoric iron sulfide eliminating the risk of a dangerous exothermic reaction.


Safe & Cost Effective Solution

  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron sulfide
  • Eliminates need for batch treatments or mix tanks
  • Eliminates the risk of an exothermic reaction
  • Eliminates the need for treatment using potassium permanganate
  • Drastically reduces effluent requiring treatment




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