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FastEntryTM K15 Process

Introducing FastEntry K15, an innovative process that combines new Zyme-Flow Decon Technology chemistry with advanced equipment to reduce both time and cost of cleaning paraffinic, heavy crude or slop storage tanks.

This breakthrough chemistry effectively creates three phase separation of hydrocarbons, water, and inorganic solids. Paraffins are retained in the oil phase and do not re-solidify when cooled. After pumping off the separated oil and water phases, the remaining solids are only water-wet greatly increasing the ease of final cleaning while also creating a much safer environment.

The FastEntry K15 process uses advanced TriStar PetroServ equipment designed for thorough mixing and high throughput making it a game-changer in the industry. This new process is shifting the way storage tanks are decontaminated and cleaned. By adopting these technologies, efficiency is dramatically improved resulting in cost savings in addition to an elevated level of safety.



  • Drastically reduced cleaning time
  • Only a light final clean
  • Recovered hydrocarbons meet all BS&W specs
  • Significantly lowers LEL exposure
  • Water can be sent directly to treatment plant



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